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Life With God

Skye Jethani's book Withprovided another brick in the foundation of how I think about God. I had a subscription for a while to Christianity Today and was introduced to Jethani there through his work as a contributing editor. Then later, I discovered The Phil Vischer Podcast (now The Holy Post) where Jethani is a co-host and that's where I fell in love with the depth of his thought. He'd clearly been asking the same questions about God that I had and he had some great answers.

With looks at five different ways in which people relate to God; Jethani calls them "postures." In Life From God, people see God as a cosmic vending machine. They say their prayers and hope to get a blessing. It's quite popular (whenever you see people praying in movies, it's usually from this perspective), though I've never been tempted to think of God this way, except maybe when I was very very young. It's just not how God was presented to me by my parents or congregation.


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